Numbers (words)

Numbers (words)

In this post, Numbers (words), engage in learning French numbers through dictation exercises. This practice focuses on improving your listening and writing skills by dictating French phrases using the numbers such as “Cinq”, “Dix-sept” and others. Perfect for beginners learners, it aids in pronunciation, spelling, and comprehension. Enjoy!

Short dictation numbers

Dictation : Les numéros

French English
Trois (3) Three
Dix (10) Ten
Sept (7) Seven
Cinq (5) Five
Onze (11) Eleven
Huit (8) Eight
Dix-sept (17) Seventeen
quinze (15) fifteen
Six (6) Six
Neuf (9) Nine

Practice (Numbers from 1 to 10) – Flashcards

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French Vocabulary Les numéros Numbers

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les numéros

Additionally, these exercises help you become more familiar with the gender of each country name and how to use them correctly in sentences. By practicing regularly, you’ll enhance your french vocabulary and gain confidence in your ability to understand and communicate in French. Dive in and start mastering French country names today!. These engaging activities will make your learning experience enjoyable and effective, setting a solid foundation for your journey in the French language. Let’s make learning fun and fruitful!