Weather (words)

Weather (words)

In this post, Weather (words), engage in learning the weather in French through dictation exercises. This practice focuses on improving your listening and writing skills by dictating French phrases using weather such as “il fait froid”, “il fait chaud” and others. Perfect for beginners and intermediates, helps with pronunciation, spelling and comprehension. Enjoy!


Short dictation Weather

Dictation : weather

French English
il fait froid it’s cold
il fait chaud it’s hot
Il fait du vent it’s windy
il fait frais it’s cool
il pleut
it’s raining
il neige it’s snowing

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french weather - french dictation

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This practice is perfect for both beginners and intermediate learners. Not only will you gain confidence in pronunciation and spelling, but you’ll also solidify your comprehension of weather-related vocabulary. So, grab a metaphorical umbrella or a pair of virtual sunglasses, and get ready to embark on a fun and informative learning journey!