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French Greetings (Sentences)

French Greetings (Sentences)

French Greetings (Sentences): Learn and practice French greetings with these sentences.


Practice with these sentences using Quizlet

French English
  1. Bonjour, je m’appelle Maya.
  2. Salut, je suis Pierre.
  3. Bonsoir et bon weekend.
  4. À plus tard mon chéri.
  5. À bientôt ma chérie.
  6. À demain mes amis.
  1. Good Morning, my name is Maya.
  2. Hi, I am Pierre.
  3. Good night and have a good weekend.
  4. See you later my darling.(Masc)
  5. See you later my darling. (Fem.)
  6. See you tomorrow my friends.

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French Greetings (Sentences)

French Greetings (Sentences)

French Greetings (Sentences)

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