Tu viens souvent ici ?

Tu viens souvent ici ?

In this post, titled “Tu viens souvent ici? – Do you come here often?”, you will listen to a brief conversation presented in RED and BLUE text format.

This engaging short dialogue is designed to help you improve your oral skills interactively.

This is a conversation between two strangers at an ice cream shop. One is a first-time visitor on vacation, seeking recommendations. Watch as they bond over a shared love for delicious treats, especially the must-try cinnamon ice cream! Perfect for a quick feel-good moment.

Red and Blue : Do you come here often?

French English
Personne 1: Bonjour, tu viens souvent ici ? Person 1: Hello, do you come here often?
Personne 2: Oui, j’adore cet endroit, et toi ? Person 2: Yes, I love this place, don’t you?
Personne 1: C’est la première fois que je viens ici. Je suis en vacances. Tu as des recommandations ? Person 1: It’s my first time here. I’m on vacation. Do you have any recommendations?
Personne 2: Oui, essaye la glace à la cannelle, elle est délicieuse. Person 2: Yes, try the cinnamon ice cream, it is delicious!
Personne 1: Merci ! Je te souhaite une bonne journée. Person 1: Thank you! Have a nice day.
Personne 2: Toi aussi ! Person 2: You too!

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Do you come here often?

Perfecciona tu pronunciación y habilidad para formular esta pregunta con esta breve sesión de práctica. No dudes en practicar las demás preguntas de la lista. Dentro de este artículo, te enfocarás en la pregunta: “¿Quel est ton nom?” ¿Cómo te llamas? Mejora tus habilidades de pronunciación y formulación de preguntas con esta práctica interactiva. Siéntete libre de practicar las demás preguntas de la lista, Engaging in these brief dialogues will not only enhance your conversational abilities but also foster interactive learning. This dynamic exchange is designed to elevate your oral proficiency, providing you with ..