Un café s’il vous plaît

Un café s’il vous plaît

Un café s’il vous plaît

In this post, “Un café s’il vous plaît”, A coffee please You are going to listen to a short conversation in the RED and BLUE format. This short conversation will help you to improve your speaking skills in a very interactive way.

Short Video

 Short  – Conversation 

French English
La cliente: Bonjour monsieur…  un café s’il vous plaît. Customer: Good morning, sir… a coffee please.
L’employé:  Un café…et avec ceci ? Employee: Coffee…and with this?
La cliente:  Le beignet Boston à l’érable, s’il vous plaît. Customer: The Boston maple donut, please.
L’employé: Voilà, madame, ça fait 3 dollars 50. Employee: Here you go, ma’am, that’s $3.50.
La cliente:  Tenez. Customer: Here you go
L’employé: Merci. Employee: Thank you.

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Frenchcircles: learning the questions in French is very important, because its structure is used in all daily conversations. The only solution is to master grammar and vocabulary to be able to speak the language fluently. But first we must understand the purpose that questions in French play in the language. We hope you have learned something from this lesson about French questions in frenchcircles including interrogation, asking someone, and intonation. After completing this course, please visit our main Learn French page for more grammar and vocabulary. Bookmark this course on your frenchcircles. Sentences or interrogative questions (phrases interrogatives, in French) are questions with which specific information is requested from the person. In French you can distinguish between questions in which the position of the subject and the verb is reversed, which can be classified,