Que désirez-vous commander?

Que désirez-vous commander?

Que désirez-vous commander?

In this post, Que désirez-vous commander?What would you like to order? you will hear a brief conversation in RED and BLUE format. This short conversation will help you improve your oral skills in a very interactive way.

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Serveur : Bienvenue madame, que désirez-vous commander ? Waiter: Welcome madam, what would you like to order?
Madame: Je voudrais commander la spécialité de la maison. Madam: I’d like to order the house specialty.
Serveur: C’est un bon choix ! Je vous l’apporte tout de suite. Waiter: That’s a good choice! I’ll bring it right away.
Madame: Merci beaucoup, j’attends. Madam: Thank you very much, I’ll wait.

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What would you like to order?

In the language learning session, you will encounter a brief conversation formatted in both RED and BLUE text. This concise exchange serves as an excellent tool to enhance your speaking abilities in an engaging and interactive manner. By listening attentively to the dialogue and participating actively, you’ll find yourself improving your oral skills effectively.