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The Intouchables – innerFrench

In this post, will help us to “The Intouchables – innerFrench”. Have you ever felt stress speaking in French in front of an audience?

Hugo is the founder of innerFrench. After graduating from a Parisian business school and working for a large advertising agency on the Champs-Elysées, he realized that this was not his path.

So he created the innerFrench podcast and he built a Strong Core program by taking a different approach based on Steven Krashen’s famous theory of second language acquisition.

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Les Intouchables 

Like most of the best things that happen in life, it was by chance that I started working at the French Institute in Warsaw, Poland. But it didn’t take me long to understand that I had found my dream job. I realized how fulfilling it is to help someone learn something new. When my first student, who started learning French from scratch with me, made his first grammatically correct sentence all by himself, I almost cried!

This led me to create the innerFrench podcast and the Build a Strong Core program. Today I feel very lucky to have such an inspiring community of French learners around me and to be able to help them in their journey. Salut, je m’appelle Hugo et je suis le créateur d’innerFrench. Después de graduarme en una escuela de negocios parisina y trabajar para una gran agencia de publicidad en los Campos Elíseos, me di cuenta de que ese no era mi camino.
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