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Conversation Intermédiaire

Conversation Intermédiaire

(Conversation Intermédiaire) is very important in order to learn the new language. French Conversations can be a real challenge but you can expand your knowledge in many different ways. In this page we offer you different small conversations, with games and audios just to practice your speaking.

Medium Beginners level (L2)

1. Conversation #1: Personal Information:
Information personnelle
2. What did you do this weekend?:
Qu’est-ce que tu as fait ce weekend?
3. What time is it?:
Quelle heure est-il?
4. Nine (9) questions to get to know each other:
Questions pour se connaître
5. The family:
French conversation-La famille
6. Your hobbies:
Mon loisir prefere

Do you want to practice more for Intermediate level Conversations? Click on the image of your interest:

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