L’école – Cyprien

L'école - Cyprien

L’école – Cyprien

L’école – Cyprien, né le 12 mai 1989 à Nice en France, est un vidéaste, blogueur, acteur, doubleur, scénariste de films et de bandes dessinées et animateur français. En 2015, il est celui qui cumule le plus de vues sur le YouTube français hors vidéos musicales avec sa vidéo Technophobe qui dépasse les 23 millions de vues.
En avril 2019, sa chaîne YouTube possède 13 millions d’abonnés et enregistre plus de 2,1 milliards de vues. Il est le premier vidéaste francophone en nombre d’abonnés.

Voici la vidéo de Cyprien:

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Lécole - Cyprien

By April 2019, his YouTube channel amassed 13 million subscribers and recorded over 2.1 billion views, making him the top French-speaking YouTuber in terms of subscriber count. Cyprien has expanded his influence beyond YouTube, actively participating in film and comic projects, solidifying his role as a versatile and influential figure in the entertainment industry, both online and beyond. His humorous style and ability to connect with his audience have garnered him a loyal and engaged fan base over the years. Moreover, Cyprien’s impact extends to social media platforms and live performances, where he continues to engage with his audience and showcase his creative talents. His success has paved the way for collaborations with other prominent creators and brands, further enhancing his reputation as a leading content creator in the digital realm. As he continues to evolve creatively, Cyprien remains a significant cultural phenomenon, influencing and entertaining audiences worldwide with his unique blend of humor and storytelling.