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Bonheur dans la vie - Pronunciation

Bonheur dans la vie

Bonheur dans la vie Learn and practice the French pronunciation with this phrase: Bonheur dans la vie. Visit our website for more French pronunciation exercises. Practice your pronunciation with this interactive video Il n’y a qu’un bonheur dans la vie, c’est d’aimer et d’être aimé More French Inspiring sentences here: 1.- La vie est une...


Printemps qui vient-Poésie d’ Elodie Santos

Printemps qui vient-Poésie d’ Elodie Santos In this post you will find a poem about Spring by the author Elodie Santos: “Printemps qui vient-Poésie d’ Elodie Santos”. In this poem you will find French words that will help you develop your vocabulary about these spectacular season of the year. Read French poetry on topics you like....

Tips for learning French - Tips and ideas - French Circles

Tips for learning French

Tips for learning French In this post, Tips for learning French, you will receive 3 tips that can help you on your French journey. Number 1: Know your motivation, Number 2: Create a schedule, Number 3: Have fun with the language. Which one of these do you do? We recommend to practice the 3 of...

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