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À Propos de Maya Evia

À Propos de Maya Evia

Salut, Je m'appelle Maya Evia, consultante, formatrice, et pratiquante  de la psychologie positive . Ça fait 6 ans que je suis arrivée au Canada et j'aime beaucoup rencontrer personnes intéressées à parler le français.

Ce pour ça que j’ai développé ce site pour aider mes amis à parler un petit plus en français. Apprendre une nouvelle langue ouvre notre façon de penser et nous aide gagner la confiance chaque jour dans la vie.

J'enseigne aussi à améliorer le niveau de Français de votre enfant à l’école. Ma façon d’enseigner, les aide à améliorer leur capacités cognitives parce que je renforce leur attention et concentration à travers des jeux et des exercices simples et frappantes.

Pour plus d’information ou pour vous inscrire dans mes programmes,

appelez-moi au 647-702-4544 ou par courriel à maya@frenchcircles.ca

À bientôt,


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Hi, My name is Maya Evia, consultant, teacher, trainer and positive psychology practitioner . It's been 6 years since I came to Canada and I love to meet people interested in speaking French.

Thats why I developed this site to help my friends to talk a little more French. Learning a new language opens our mind and helps us gain confidence in every day life.

I can help your kid as well to improve his/her French level at school. My teaching, helps them to improve their cognitive skills, since I reinforce their attention and concentration through games and exercises simple and funny.

For more information about registering in my programs, call me at 647-702-4544 or email me at maya@frenchcircles.ca

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Maya is the CEO and one of the teachers at French Circles Club. She truly believes in self development and community engagement. As a teacher, with more than 15 years experience, she has the ability to see growth potential in others, combined with a genuine drive to help people to learn the languages that she teaches. She delivers with passion her classes, and motivates students to achieve their goals. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, another one in Education and a Master in Business Administration. She writes for our blogs and eBooks and reviews and handles all day to day classes related programs and contents. And obviously is a daily, heavy user of our Free resources!





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