7 Questions de culture générale – partie 6

7 Questions de culture générale – partie 6

7 Questions de culture générale – partie 6

In this post, “7 Questions de culture générale – Partie 6”, you will be reminded of general culture topics through 7 concise yet highly informative questions covering a wide variety of topics from around the world. These questions are organized into 7 categories, starting with information on Canada, Technology, Literature, Land and Sea, Religion and Mythology, History and Cinema, offering a captivating glimpse into the rich tapestry of global knowledge. Refresh your memory in this engaging video.

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7 Questions of general culture :

Questions Answers
1.- Quelle est la distance entre les côtes est
et ouest du Canada d’un océan à l’autre ?
A) Environ 2 000 kilomètres
B) Environ 4 000 kilomètres
C) Environ 6 000 kilomètres
2.- Qu’est-ce que le terme “HTML”
signifie en programmation web ?
A) HyperText Markup Language
B) High-Level Text Mode Language
C) Hypertext Management Language
3.- Qui est l’auteur du livre “Le Seigneur des Anneaux” ? A) J.K. Rowling
B) J.R.R. Tolkien
C) George R.R. Martin
4.- Qui est le dieu grec du soleil ? A) Ra
B) Zeus
C) Hélios
5.- Quelle est la plus longue rivière du monde ? A) Nil
B) Amazone
C) Yangtsé
6.- Quelle est la capitale de l’Australie ? A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Canberra
7.- Quel réalisateur a dirigé le film “The Dark Knight” en 2008 ? A) J.J. Abrams
B) Christopher Nolan
C) Zack Snyder

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7 Questions of general culture

In this article, you will explore a diverse range of general knowledge topics through 7 succinct and enlightening questions that span a wide array of subjects from various corners of the globe. These questions are categorized into 7 sections, delving into subjects such as science, arts, geography, and more, providing a fascinating insight into the multifaceted realm of worldly wisdom. Immerse yourself in this engaging read to enhance your understanding of diverse subjects.